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Apple iOS 13
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Apple iOS 13

Breaking News: Apple will launch a brand new iOS 13 at Apple’s 2019 Global Developers Conference (WWDC). The conference will be held in California from June 3rd to 7th

According to the sources, the brand new iOS 13 will get some major changes and exciting improvements. We are expecting the dark mode or the new multi-tasking method.

Apple iOS 13
Apple iOS 13 Dark Mode

Designer Daniel Korpai has come up with a Finder for the iPad concept, which brings the Finder and new advanced multitasking to the iPad. Video can be seen in the link below.

Finder for iOS Concept [Video Source]

This concept first shows how the Finder on the iPad is connected to the external drive. It also shows how to use the tabbed Finder window, resizable sidebar and quick preview in iOS on the iPad. The user interface is very smooth, and we can easily select multiple files and move them around in the iPad.

The concept also shows the new iPad multitasking UI, which can drag and drop the app in the Dock bar to the split screen interface, or rearrange and view the panel by gestures.

In this concept, we also saw the dark mode of the entire system that was originally very much anticipated, including the new multitasking UI design with dark themes.

For the new iOS changes, we will keep an eye on Apple’s 2019 Global Developers Conference held in California from 3rd to 7th  June.


Featured image by William Iven from Pixabay

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