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Apple iPhone X Fold: Apple’s New Foldable Phone Launched

Apple launches its Foldable device “Apple iPhone X Fold” on the same lines of Samsung and Huawei. Unfortunately, this is just a piece of fake news. Well to keep the hopes alive for Apple fans, Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing created a foldable iPhone concept design. The concept is called “Apple iPhone X Fold”. Although there is news that Apple is not launching a foldable iPhone model soon. The emergence of this concept design adds a little innovation and makes people look forward to the future iPhone.

Apple iPhone X Fold:  Apple’s New Foldable Phone Launched
Apple iPhone X Fold – [Pic Courtesy]

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, on the other hand, shared his thoughts on foldable smartphones in an interview with Bloomberg. Steve Wozniak is worried about the Apple iPhone future and thinks it is lagging because of the smartphone companies like Samsung and Huawei. Samsung and Huawei currently launched their respective foldable phones the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X at MWC2019. Samsung and Huawei are leading the foldable smartphone industry. As we all know 5G and Foldable Phones are hot topics of 2019 and are considered revolutionizing the smartphone industry. Apple is somewhere lacking in both of them.

Wozniak also mentions Apple has been leading in several areas of smartphones, including TouchID, FaceID, and ApplePay mobile payments. But he also wants a foldable smartphone in his hand as it is the new innovative technology which draws the attention of people. At the same time, Wozniak also stressed that Apple always surprises people, they have been developing something behind the scenes. So there may be something cooking in the Apple labs which you are unaware of.

Apple iPhone X Fold:  Apple’s New Foldable Phone Launched
Apple iPhone X Fold – [Pic Courtesy]

Samsung Galaxy Fold is an impressive device in many respects because of its large border and thickness it feels more of a prototype. However, Huawei Mate X gives people a more modern look and refined feel, but of course, the $2,600 price tag may be unacceptable to consumers.

Being a consumer I would definitely want to have hands on the foldable devices but the price tag which concerns me. What do you think??

[Pic Courtesy]

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