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Apple Smartwatch rakes a whopping 51% market share in 2018Q4 – Strategy Analytics Report

Apple Smartwatch has become the absolute leader when it comes to Smartwatches. Recently, Strategy Analytics the research company has released the global shipment data of smartwatches for 2018. The data shows that Apple rakes a whopping 51% market share in 2018Q4. It seems Apple Watch Series 4 had the magic charm to get big consumers.

Apple Smartwatch rakes a whopping 51% market share in 2018Q4 - Strategy Analytics Report. Apple Watch Series 4
Global Smartwatch Report –Strategy Analytics

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple’s Apple Watch shipments in 2018Q4 was 9.2 million units. This is a big increase of 18% from 7.8 million units in the same period. In the whole year of 2018, Apple Watch’s annual shipments reached 22.5 million units from 17.7 million units in 2017. Hence Apple rules the smartwatch market share with 51%. This score is much higher than Fitbit and Apple’s rival Samsung who stands second and third in this list respectively.

Apple Watch’s sales performance last year was successful with the contribution of the new Apple Watch Series 4. For the first time, the fourth-generation watch adopts a “full screen” design. The larger display and thinner frame make the watch look an absolute stunner. The larger OLED display not only brings a more intuitive visual experience but also brought tremendous sales to Apple.

Apple Watch Series 4 brings new health monitoring features, including ECG and accidental fall monitoring, which helps people’s healthy lives. You can buy one on Amazon by clicking the link below.

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