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Best Free Android Games – May 28, 2019

We bring you the best free android games this week. The list below consists of top rated free android games full version and that too absolutely free. These Android games come with a price tag but now they are absolutely free on Google Playstore for a limited period. You can just click on the link and get a free android app download from your mobile.

Please note that these are limited period offers and are controlled by Google. So hurry.


Heroes of Magic Card Battle Pro is one of the best tactical and strategy card games. This game is dynamic, fast and fun card battles In this game you can

  • Crushing enemies in 3-minute furious battles
  • Become a powerful legendary duelist.
  • Upgrade cards.
  • Playing with magic heroes
  • Cast powerful spells

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Please note that this sale ends in 7 days.


SCV Miner PRO is also a free economic strategy game. You can easily expand your star space empire, also craft robots (SCV) and mine minerals. Smart managers automate your starcraft and ships. It will deliver robots to planets earning as many minerals and coins. Travel from one planet to another and dig all the resources.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Please note that this sale ends in 2 days.


Farm and Click Pro is a simple and fun game who likes farming games. This is a new generation game where you can harvest crops, raise animals, feed them, and use different tools. This game is super simple and gives you a complete farming experience.

[appbox googleplay screenshots]

Please note that this sale ends in 2 days.


Dementia: Book of the Dead is one of the best free android games that takes you to the journey of medieval England. Times where there are Knights, Witches, and Hunters. The main character is “Night Hunter”, who is on a mission by the Bishop. The storyline leads us to a tricky path from reality and mystique dealing with ghosts and demons. Believe us, this game has amazing graphics and easy control.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.agaming.dementiabookofthedead]

Please note that this sale ends in 7 days.


Overdrive Premium is the premium version and not the free version. Overdrive Premium is one of the best free Android games that offers you a thrilling experience and no pop-up ads. The storyline is based in the future where “Shadow Cyborgs” are created with humans and black metal. However, the shadow security force (S.E.F) is under attack by a Dark Clan. Thus the revenge game starts destroying the Dark Clan. This game takes us to a Sci-Fi journey with a dark side. You can use your skills to become the world savior.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.gsm.overdrivepremium]

Please note that this sale ends in 7 days.

#06 A-2481

A-2481 is a true horror game that makes you scared. This game takes you to evil places and forsaken rooms. A-2184 is a military bunker in the USSR where secret military operations were carried out in complete secrecy. All in all, it is a good horror game.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.agaming.a2481]

Please note that this sale ends in 7 days.


Stay Alive VIP is a survival game on a Monster infested island. You have to defend these monsters who come to kill you and destroy your house. The game provides many ways to gain minerals and become stronger. For survival, you can even gather Magic Stones to upgrade characters, gear, house, and guardians.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.sponge.stayalivevip]

Please note that this sale ends in 7 days.

Please keep reading our posts for more such offers as we bring you the best free android full version games for Android phones which are hard to miss.


Featured Image by ArtificialOG from Pixabay

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