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Consumer Loses Faith In Apple – Disney Replace Apple In Brand Intimacy 2019


In the annual “Brand Intimacy” 2019 study of MBLM in the United States, Disney the American film and television entertainment giant replaced Apple for the very first time. The study measures consumer brand’s based on emotions. Amazon is on the third place followed by Chevrolet, Netflix, Harley Davidson, PlayStation, YouTube, Ford and Chick-fil-A in the top ten list.

MBLM said that Disney dominated the study as they did a very good job because of its nostalgic complex and strong connection with men and women and people of different ages. On the other hand, the agency explained that Apple has lost its brilliance due to its mistakes and consumer fatigue of electronic products.

Though it was unclear what specific mistakes MBLM referred to, we all know how Apple has handled various events in the past year, such as the controversy over the performance of the iPhone due to insufficient battery power. Thus the company failed in sustaining the bond with people and further maintaining it. 

The Brand Intimacy 2019 Study was carried out in the U.S., Mexico, and UAE across 15 major industries and analyzing the responses of 6,200 consumers and 56,000 brand evaluations based on emotions

According to the study Media & entertainment, automotive and technology & telecommunications were the top three industries. Apple and Disney built strong bonds with younger consumers, whereas Amazon is popular among older consumers. Amazon was the top brand for those who are making between $35,000-$100,000 and Apple was topping the list for those who are making between $100,000-$200,000.

Apple topped the list in the separate polls conducted in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates as per the MBLM’s study.


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