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Firefox Quantum releases and it’s amazing!!!

After a long gap of 90 days, Mozilla has finally released the latest Firefox browsers, FireFox Quantum Browser v68 for Windows and FireFox Quantum Browser v18 for iOS.

The new Firefox Quantum Browser v68 improves the view, especially with the adaption of the dark mode. The extension is greatly optimized as the recommended plug-in has been strictly reviewed. The malicious plug-in can also be quickly fed back through the plug-in manager.

The new Firefox Quantum is 30% lighter than Chrome. This means less memory usage and more space for your computer to keep running smoothly.

The new Firefox v68 browser comes with the most powerful private browsing mode with added tracking protection.

With Private Browsing, Firefox completely blocks the online trackers while you browse and forget your history after you’re done browsing.

firefox quantum

It provides the best Tracking Protection, by stopping the hidden trackers which follow us online with some ads.

It also provides us with Faster Page Loading, by blocking some scripts and ads that bog down browsing. The pages now load up to 44% faster.

Switching from Chrome to Firefox Quantum is fast, easy and risk-free. Firefox easily imports your bookmarks, autofills, passwords and preferences from Chrome.

Firefox Quantum v18 for iOS significantly adds two new features, one is bookmark editing, and the other is to configure the site to always open in desktop mode.

It is reported that FireFox Quantum v68 for windows can be downloaded by clicking the download button below or from Firefox’s official website. Firefox Quantum for iOS is already available on the App Store.

Download Firefox

Source: Mozilla Firefox

Pic Credit: Mozilla Firefox

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