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Huawei Mate 20 Pro update: Can Record the Second Face for Face Unlock

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro release last year in October may soon get a major update related to it secure face unlocking where users will be able to add the second face for its face unlock. Unlike Apple, Huawei also uses specialized hardware for face unlock. The 3D depth sensing camera setup on Huawei Mate 20 Pro is used for secure face unlock, but the Emotion UI 9(EMUI9) is not capable to add multiple faces for a device. With the latest update, the user can record the second face to unlock the device securely.

According to the Huawei Forums, four main scenarios are applied concerning the secured behaviour of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro device.

Smart Display Lock – Screen Notification bar

When the device is locked, the notification details on the device will be hidden by default. As soon as the face entry is completed and the device is unlocked the Notifications are visible to the user. By this Huawei guarantees their privacy requirements for information. This feature can also be disabled if not required.

GoTo [Settings] –> [Security and Privacy] –> [Face Recognition] –> [Smart Lock Screen Notification] –TURN OFF

Access to Application Lock

For preventing others from opening a private application such as Whatsapp, Gallery, Facebook, etc. When an application lock is added to the application, the locked application needs a password/face unlock to be enabled. Thus after registering the secured face unlock the private application can be safely used. Face recognition or Password method is used conveniently. This ensures the security of private applications.

Operation path: Goto [Settings] –> [Security and Privacy] –> [Application Lock].

Access to the File Safe

Using the File Safe function, we can encrypt and store the private data such as pictures, audio, video and documents on the mobile phone. Once moved into the File Safe, the pictures are “disappeared” from the album and it is secretly stored in the File Safe which can be viewed in the safe.

Just like accessing the application lock, after entering the face, we can use face recognition instead of entering the password to quickly access the contents of the File Safe

Face Payment

Mobile payment such as WeChat and Alipay has become an indispensable way in life. In order to facilitate the payment experience of everyone, we have updated the WeChat fingerprint payment function for all major models, and the WeChat face payment function has also been arranged. Which is more convenient especially in the cold winter days, you don’t need to take off the warm gloves, just do the face unlock to complete the payment.

Chinese market will get the update first infact the software roll out is in progress and then release will be done for the European markets in couple of weeks time.

SOURCE: Huawei Forums

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