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iQOO 44W Rapid Charge technology Leaks – Release Date and Full Specification

VIVO sub-brand iQOO will be launched on March 1 at a new product launch conference in Shenzhen, China. This is a top end flagship device from the company and carries some hefty specifications. Sources say that this phone will be a high-end gaming device. We will surely know the facts on the 1st march at the conference in Shenzhen, China.


The phone’s specifications were revealed by iQOO officially on the poster they released lately. The iQOO will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest and greatest 855 flagship processor. We are not confirmed on the GPU details but it will also be top notched. The top end version of the device will come with 12G RAM + 256GB storage variant. The device will also support NFC and Super HDR camera technology. The phone carries a 4000mAh battery and uses 44W fast charge technology using Type –C port. It also has 4D shock which might be a gaming feature incorporation with Game manufacturers and lastly, it has a 6th generation screen fingerprint and many more.


With the support of 44W fast charge technology, this will be the first flagship mobile phone to achieve this mark with Qualcomm’s 7nm 855 processor.

Recently a suspected video is released on Weibo featuring the 44W fast charge technology and it seems to be pretty fast and we can see the battery charging with our naked eyes.

All the rumours and renders will soon end with the release of the phone on the1st of March and we expect to see a beast of a device.

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