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OPPO RENO Release Date, Specs and Leaks
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OPPO RENO Release Date, Specs and Leaks

OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren has officially announced the new Reno series. The phone will release on the 10th of April. The phone will have a 10X hybrid optical zoom camera lens which was showcased at MWC2019. We bring you all the details on OPPO RENO Release Date, Specs and Leaks.

OPPO RENO Release Date, Specs and Leaks
OPPO RENO – Pic Credits[WEIBO]

Oppo Reno Vision:

Shen Yiren said that OPPO Reno is different from any OPPO products. It is a new and creative product line. It has a new product philosophy, design philosophy and communication methods. Everything is new, from the outside to the inside. Shen Yiren also said that Oppo Reno brings the new era of the OPPO mobile phone. The biggest change is in the product concept itself. In terms of taking pictures, the primary focus is on “Real Clarity” than beautification of the pictures.

Oppo Reno Leaks:

OPPO RENO Release Date, Specs and Leaks
OPPO RENO – Pic Credits[WEIBO]

Shen Yiren announced that Reno will launch with 4 colors. The colors will be Fog Sea Green, Mist Powder, Polar Night Black, and Nebula Purple. The leaked image seems to be a version of the fog sea green. The leaked picture shows the phone has three rear cameras placed vertically. The cameras are placed in the center with a flash below.

Oppo Reno Specs:

In addition, OPPO Reno will also be equipped with the latest ColorOS 6. The interface will be simple and clean, whether it is visual color images or interactive animation experience.

As we know, Reno will come with OPPO’s newly developed 10x hybrid optical zoom technology. It will have a 48 MP main shooting camera, .with dual OIS optical stabilization. It will be powered with the latest 7nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. However, the latest leaks say the phone will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor.

Oppo Reno Release Date:

Oppo Reno will be officially released on the 10th of April.

We are not sure if the leaked image is of the actual phone or not. Also, the specifications of the phone are not very clear. We have a keen eye on the release and further leaks of the OPPO Reno.

Picture Credits[WEIBO]

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