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Puffin Browser for Windows
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Puffin Browser For Windows – 2019 Latest

Puffin browser for windows is a Secure and Sleek web browser that provides users with a fast and secure web browsing. To achieve this it provides two physically separate computers considering the most secure way to browse the Internet.

In an isolated network, the first computer is used for work and other important tasks. However, the second computer is used for web browsing. If anything happens to one computer, the other one will still remain safe.

Moreover, the content is initially loaded onto the cloud servers of the provider, optimized and then forwarded to the terminal. However, the services require a subscription fee per month but it’s as low as a Sneaker.

Puffin browser for Windows Demo:

   Puffin Web Browser for Windows – [Video Credits]

How can you surf faster with Puffin Browser?

The Puffin browser is popular amongst Android and iOS users, as it opens web pages faster than other web browsers. Puffin Browser does not call web pages directly, but first loads them on their own servers and then forwards them to the user in the compressed form. 

This is especially useful for slow data connections on the move. Another advantage is that if a page contains malicious code, it will be filtered out and not executed on the user’s computer. 

Puffin Browser Apk Download:

Download APK

Puffin Web Browser iOS Download:

Download iOS

Meanwhile, the developers of the popular browser have also released a Puffin browser for Windows and Mac version. It also uses cloud-based surfing to display pages faster and more secure than the competition.  Puffin Browser for Windows looks visually similar to the current versions of Firefox and Chrome. On the left of the address bar, however, there is an additional button for displaying information about the current cloud server. Users can switch off this function at any time.

Is the Puffin Browser Secure?

Puffin browser opens Internet pages in tabs. For more privacy, there is an incognito mode in which leaves no traces of surfing. Other features include easy bookmark management and a download manager. Currently, there is no way to install add-ons.

Is Puffin Browser Safe?

Safeguard your devices:

Puffin Browser works on a cloud model, hence your devices won’t be affected by zero-day attacks. So whenever there is a zero-day attack, the Puffin browser is not at all vulnerable to cyber exploits like other devices running browsers.

Avoid cybersecurity threats:

Users are always in a clean and isolated state from threats lurking on the web. As everything is purged and destroyed on servers, whenever a browsing session ends.

Boost performance with cloud rendering engine:

Puffin leverages the cloud computing resources on servers and supercharges the browsing performance. This is regardless of the user’s device specifications.

Is Puffin Browser Free?

As web content is processed on the provider’s servers when using the Puffin Browser. A small subscription fee is required for its service. For individuals, this is $ 1 per month. For teams, it is $2 per device per month. For education, it is S1 per device per month. You can check the subscription plans by clicking the button below:

Subscription Plans

Where can you Download Puffin Browser latest version??

Puffin Browser Download For PC:

Download For Windows

Puffin Web Browser Download For MAC:

Download For Mac

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