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WhatsApp loses 3 million users to Telegram

Telegram registers three million users within 24 hours. The recent disruptions and failures on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp benefited Telegram. However, those who don’t know, Telegram is a Pure instant messaging which is simple, fast, secure. Telegram, launched in 2013 competes with WhatsApp. However, WhatsApp with its 1.5 billion active members. Telegram small with approximately 200 million monthly users. You can also download the Telegram app on google play store HERE.

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On March 13th, 2019 Facebook and its popular ventures WhatsApp and Instagram were struggling with accessibility issues. In Addition, Facebook commented on Twitter, the reason behind the failure is not related to a DDoS attack. Tough it was some changes in the Server Configurations. Later this was fixed as per Facebook resuming all the services.

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However, they say “One man’s loss is another man’s profit” fits perfect in this situation. Telegram founder Pawel Durow also confirmed that the Facebook disruption caused benefits to Telegram. However, this was a big success for Telegram as they gained 3 million users in this mishap.

Are you already using Telegram?? or Is this the time to shift from WhatsApp to Telegram. What do you think??. Please comment in the section below.

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