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YouTube Invideo

YouTube Invideo – Search Within Youtube Videos

Invideo for Youtube is a very popular and simple Google Chrome Extension that enables you to search inside YouTube Videos.

YouTube Invideo
YouTube Invideo – [Pic Credits]

Youtube Invideo saves time by allowing you to skip a Video and watch your favorite parts. So skip the boring video parts of a big lecture or movie etc.

YouTube Invideo
YouTube Invideo – [Pic Credits]

The YouTube Invideo works only with the “YouTube New”. For Signup click the link here.

Invideo for YouTube Usage:

  • Look for the “Open Invideo” button, which appears in green at the bottom of the YouTube Video.
  • Search Bar appears for you to input the keyword and clicks enter.
  • Mouse Click on your favorite part with the search results above.
  • The video has now skipped, to the part you wanted to watch.
YouTube Invideo Demo – [Video Credits]


  • Enables searching inside YouTube Videos.
  • Save time by skipping to your favorite part.
  • Easy chrome extension.


  • Used only with Google Chrome Browser.
  • Some videos are not transcribable.
  • Only available for “YouTube New”.

Software Info:

Extension Name: Invideo for YouTube
Download Link: Chrome Extension
Latest Version:2.15
Developer:Victor Cheng

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